Meet the Team!

Ms. Ashley

Ms. Ashley is the co-host of No Religion Required and loves Sweet Tea!

With two simple words, HEY Y’ALL, Ms. Ashley put NRR on the map. She is known as the “Mouth of the South”. She was raised in the Southern Baptist tradition and attended one of the oldest church’s in Savannah. Throughout her time as a Christian she was baptized NINE times before the age of 16. She is a mom to two sons that she is raising to be critical thinkers. Throughout her journey to nonbelief she found her way into Buddhism. In the beginning, Ashley felt she had finally found her spiritual home until she began finding what she calls “loop holes”.  Ashley began her tenure on the show as a deist. Her first secular conference changed everything for her. She left that conference feeling very accepted even though she attended as a believer. This acceptance completely changed her perception of atheists and atheism as a whole.

Having overcome horrible physical and mental abuse, she has become a powerful voice for women’s rights throughout the community. She is mostly known for her strength and willingness to talk openly about her abuse. She feels staying quiet about abuse is giving the abuse and abuser power and she refuses to do so.

Ashley has become the voice of NRR and a very power voice for all women in every corner of the globe.  



Bobby C.

Bobby C. is a native of Savannah, Georgia and is the founder and co-host of the No Religion Required, a live radio broadcast. He is a proud military veteran who served in the U.S. Army for ten years at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. After the military, Bobby served his local community as a police officer. It was during his time as a police officer that he began doubting the existence of a Supreme Being. He began to wonder why a supreme being would allow such tragedy and turmoil in the lives of the people it promised to protect from harm.

Bobby’s journey to nonbelief was the darkest time in his life. He spent seven years searching to find his place in the world and as many of you know, not having a place to call your own can be difficult. As a result, he spent years studying different world religions hoping to find a final spiritual home and eventually came to rest on Buddhism. Bobby spent five years as a practicing Buddhist and credits Buddhism for helping him move away from the concept of God. It was after noticing loopholes within the Buddhist tradition that Bobby realized the final step in his long journey; he no longer believed.
Now as an atheist activist he produces a live weekly broadcast with his life partner Ms. Ashley and focuses his attention on fighting for equal rights for all people. He is a proud supporter of the LGBT community and the fight to maintain separation of Church and State. Bobby’s ultimate goal is to help bridge the gap between theists and non-theists by facilitating open and honest dialog. It is his belief that only through open and honest dialog can we begin to mend the negative connotation many associate with the word “Atheism”.


The Prophet Jeremiah

Jeremiah is the resident snarker of No Religion Required. He is an engineering graduate student  and is the science expert running the segment “God Hates Facts”, but mostly does it so he can feel superior explaining stuff to people. He’s a huge ass in an effort to mask his true emotions, but Bobby and Ashley keep inviting him back anyway, because they love him. When he grows up he hopes to be a high-ranking dinosaur wrangler to help fight the forces of the robot uprising.


Morgan Stringer

Morgan Stringer is a law student at the University of Mississippi. She is also a writer for Removing the Fig Leaf on Patheos and Morgan received her Bachelor of Arts in history at the University of Mississippi in 2015, where she also minored in English and journalism. Additionally, she is a graduate of the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College at the University of Mississippi. She is also a graduate of the fundagelical boarding school, French Camp Academy. Since becoming an atheist humanist, Morgan fights for social justice causes such as equality, education, and the separation of church and state.

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